Thursday, December 16, 2010

Madoff vs The Fed: One & The Same

So Simple a caveman could understand:
Why did Bernie Madoff go to prison? To make it simple, he talked people into investing with him. Trouble was, he didn't invest their money.  As time rolled on he simply took the money from the new investors to pay off the old investors.  Finally there were too many old investors and not enough money from new investors coming in to keep the payments going.
Next thing you know, Madoff is one of the most hated men in America and he is off to jail.  Some of you know this, but not enough of you.

Madoff did to his investors what the Congress has been doing to us for over 70 years with Social Security.  There is no meaningful difference between the two schemes, except that one was operated by a private individual who is now in jail, and the other is operated by politicians who enjoy perks, privileges and status in spite of their actions.
 Do you need a side-by-side comparison here?  Well here's a nifty little chart.
Takes money from investors with the promise that the money will be invested and made available to them later.
Takes money from wage earners with the promise that the money will be invested in a "Trust Fund" and made available later.
Instead of investing the money Madoff spends it on nice homes in the Hampton's and yachts.
Instead of depositing money in a Trust Fund the politicians use it for general spending and vote buying.
When the time comes to pay the investors back Madoff simply uses some of the new funds from newer investors to pay back the older investors.
When benefits for older investors become due the politicians pay them with money taken from younger and newer wage earners to pay the geezers.
When Madoff's scheme is discovered all hell breaks loose. New investors won't give him any more cash.
When Social Security runs out of money they simply force the taxpayers to send them some more.
Bernie Madoff is in jail.
Politicians remain in  Washington  .
'The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination. ' - Ronald Reagan

  "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five
  years there'd be a shortage of sand.”
      Milton Friedman

Proverbs of Eustace, December 16

Religion shouldn't be something you practice; it should be your career. Eustace 12:16

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Buy Anything At Dane Decor

I purchased a leather rocking chair at Dane Decor for $1200 in 1998 at the Downingtown, PA store. One of the arms attached to the chair back broke once in 2004 and again a few weeks ago. The chair was brought in for a technician to look at and after speaking with the store owner, Carl Hamilton, a few weeks later, was informed that the manufacturer was no longer in business and the part unavailable. I was told it would cost over $200 to have a metal bracket made. I picked the chair up without getting the repairs done because I didn't have the money for the repairs. The parts that bother me most about the whole experience are that the sales lady we first talked to about the cost and unavailability of parts merely shrugged her shoulders, Mr. Hamilton's same attitude about the situation by phone and his followup letter stating that we bought the chair on clearance with no refunds or exchanges. In a letter to him I stated I didn't want a new chair, only the repairs that I thought they should honor.

The customer service is awful and I wouldn't recommend buying anything at this store if you're interested in product support or quality.

Here is the link to Dane Decor and a photo of their location: 

Proverbs Of Eustace, December 15

If you have 'half a mind' to do something you know is wrong, consult the other half first. Eustace 12:15

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rude & Ignorant

As usual, Obama displayed his ignorance in ALL things, this time walking out of the impromptu news conference with Bubba Clinton. He made the excuse Michelle would be irritated with him if he kept her waiting (for what, I don't even want to imagine!)

Would "W" have done a stupid stunt like this? I don't think so.

I'm anxious for 2012 too come around so I can see him walk off that setting for the last time.


Proverb For Sunday, December 12

Practice what you preach, but first listen to your preacher. Eustace 12:12
Proverbs Of Eustace

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Good For The Goose Ain't Good For This Gander!

Payne: The irony of Jesse Jackson's stripped SUV

Henry Payne / The Michigan

Add Jesse Jackson’s ride to prominent vehicles being stripped in Detroit.
Following the embarrassing news that Mayor Dave Bing’s GMC Yukon was hijacked by criminals this week, Detroit’s Channel 7 reports that the Reverend’s Caddy Escalade SUV was stolen and stripped of its wheels while he was in town last weekend with the UAW’s militant President Bob King leading the “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” march promoting government-funded green jobs.
Read that again: Jackson’s Caddy SUV was stripped while he was in town promoting green jobs. 

Read that again: Jackson’s Caddy SUV was stripped while he was in town promoting green jobs.

Add Jesse to the Al Gore-Tom Friedman-Barack Obama School of Environmental Hypocrisy. While preaching to Americans that they need to cram their families into hybrid Priuses to go shopping for compact fluorescent light bulbs to save the planet, they themselves continue to live large.  

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Alert: Increased Border Security Underway!

O-o-o-o-o!! Watch out all you would-be illegals! We're sending 30 additional National Guard troops to the border with no capacity to enforce any laws!!!

Here's the troop commander:

This is a joke and has 'Obama' written all over it. Unlike Barney Fife, however, the troops won't even have the fabled 'one bullet' Barney had.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mosque-icide is Suicide

This is one good reason the Super Mosque should not be allowed near ground zero and that Sharia law should never be remotely considered a right in this (or any) country. The video is very graphic, but the weak-kneed liberals who don't want to ruffle feathers need to watch it:

Here is a link to the video: Sharia (Islamic) Law

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Muslimization of America

Old news, but with what Obama is doing to destroy the country, you have to wonder:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I-S-L-A-M Spells T-E-R-R-O-R

You need only watch the first 5 minutes of this video to get the message. Click on either 'Islamic Terrorism' or the link below the text. I was unable to copy the embedded code to post the video directly to the article.

  • Islam is not a peaceful religion
  • Followers hate anyone who does not 'believe'
  • True believers follow the Qur'an to the letter and are told to kill others who do not conform to their beliefs
  • According to the Qur'an, Muhammed personally killed Christians and Jews  even if they posed no threat to them, merely for their non-belief

These people are terrorists, pure and simple, and do not warrant any support from The United States or any other country.

Both Presidents Bush and Clinton had it right in their caution toward Islam, but the current (P)resident is either clueless or a supporter of Islam and terror.

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, the 'leader' of the push for the mega-mosque, is a known supporter of Palestinian terrorists and Hamas. Who in their right mind would give someone like this the right to build a temple of terror? These gutless Islamo-facists should be run out of NYC, back to their own countries where they can be successful camel jockies and blow up their own people.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tar Baby Seen Floating In The Gulf Of Mexico

An enormous tar baby was spotted floating in the Gulf Of Mexico this weekend, along with several smaller tar balls. It took numerous government agents to remove the tar babies, but all they had at hand were pond scum skimmers. It did the trick, though, because the tar dissipated within 27 hours.

Here's a picture of Robert Gibbs drying off the biggest Tar Baby:

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Dope Needs to Be 'Reid-moved' From Office

As usual, a Democrat saying something he knows will not be reported by the mainstream media. It's time to remove stupid people from office, starting with Harry Reid and ending with Obama.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biblical Support To The Anti-Christ Theory

More proof that the anti-Christ is probably already here, and coincidentally, serving in the Whitehouse:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Star Spangled Banner

The Sickle Spangled Banner

Oh, say, can you see, by Obama's early fright,
What so proudly we hail'd lost at twilight's last gleaming?
His broad edicts and trite spars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the backs of his voters, he was gallantly trodding?
And Obama’s red glare, F-bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag’s not still there.
O say, does that hammer & sickle banner yet wave
O'er the land that was so free, now the home of the slave

You're Doing A Great Job, Hussein!

Dear President Obama:

Except for decimating everything your predecessors (in large part) established- things like freedom to choose what you want to buy, adherence to the Constitution, free enterprise- I love what you're doing!

  • Blaming others for your failure to solve our national issues
  • Piling on excessive taxes for businesses and individuals (for your healthscare)
  • Blaming others for your failure to solve our national issues
  • Putting people like Pelosi in place to belittle the American voters by telling them your administration knows what's better for them than they do
  • Blaming others for your failure to solve our national issues
  • Getting Joe out there to occasionally stick his foot in his mouth, often contradicting your own policies
  • Blaming others for your failure to solve our national issues
Keep it up, ma brutha!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Worse Than Rednecks

...and these are the people we want to give amnesty to?

Time To Rage Against Imperial Rule?

Following is an article from Investors Business Daily. I commented in a blog on January 2 that if the direction of government (takeovers) doesn't change, there will be a second American Revolution and people will do much more than voice their opinions at town hall meetings; the frustration will manifest itself in violent uprising and spill onto the streets, maybe even Pennsylvania Avenue.

Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

The Internet is a large-scale version of the "Committees of Correspondence" that led to the first American Revolution — and with Washington's failings now so obvious and awful, it may lead to another.
People are asking, "Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?"
Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.
Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There's no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do.
Bill Clinton lowered the culture, moral tone and strength of the nation — and left America vulnerable to attack. When it came, George W. Bush stood up for America, albeit sometimes clumsily.
Barack Obama, however, has pulled off the ultimate switcheroo: He's diminishing America from within — so far, successfully.
He may soon bankrupt us and replace our big merit-based capitalist economy with a small government-directed one of his own design.
He is undermining our constitutional traditions: The rule of law and our Anglo-Saxon concepts of private property hang in the balance. Obama may be the most "consequential" president ever.
The Wall Street Journal's steadfast Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote that Barack Obama is "an alien in the White House."
His bullying and offenses against the economy and job creation are so outrageous that CEOs in the Business Roundtable finally mustered the courage to call him "anti-business." Veteran Democrat Sen. Max Baucus blurted out that Obama is engineering the biggest government-forced "redistribution of income" in history.

Here's the link to the complete article: 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama's Iraq: Mission Accomplished or Failure To Communicate?

Who would you rather see, and who do you believe, when they declared "Mission Accomplished"?

This 'man' (?)...

Aaron Dykes
August 3, 2010
In attempt to posture as a man of peace and of kept-promises in the lead-up to the midterm elections, President Obama has declared the “End of the War in Iraq,” claiming that withdrawal of troops from Iraq will be completed by August 31, 2010 and is ‘on schedule, as promised.’
“As a candidate for president, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. I made it clear that by August 31, 2010, America’s combat mission in Iraq would end. And that is exactly what we are doing — as promised and on schedule,” President Obama stated.
Believing this fiction involves ignoring the fact that 50,000 troops or more, as well as countless contractors, would remain in Iraq. In addition, it would involve forgetting about Barack Obama’s campaign promises to bring troops home starting “day one” of his administration, or his other promise to bring them home by the end of 2009.

President Bush's statements were misquoted as he didn't refer to the Iraq War as a mission accomplished:

The banner stating "Mission Accomplished" was a focal point of controversy and criticism. Navy Commander and Pentagon spokesman Conrad Chun said the banner referred specifically to the aircraft carrier's 10-month deployment (which was the longest deployment of a carrier since the Vietnam War) and not the war itself, saying "It truly did signify a mission accomplished for the crew.

The only uniform I want to see Obama in is a straight jacket tied to a pole on the way out of town.

Click on yellow highlights for additional information.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful Song From Todd Agnew

And now time out for a little inspirational music. Just click on either 'Todd Agnew' or title below the picture.

Todd Agnew

Grace Like Rain

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let's Scare Senior Citizens

Hey, Sheriff Andy, you don't live in Mayberry anymore and neither do we. Obamacare is definitely not for seniors. Do you think that they think things will be more convenient and cost less if Obama's healthscare is fully implemented? Better to stick to the reverse mortgage scam your fellow senior actors are pitching nowadays.

By the way, I am a senior and I don't want or need Obamacare.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Actor Andy Griffith has a new role: pitching President Barack Obama's health care law to seniors in a cable television ad paid for by Medicare.
The TV star - whose role as sheriff of Mayberry made him an enduring symbol of small-town American values - tells seniors that "good things are coming" under the health care overhaul, including free preventive checkups and lower-cost prescriptions for Medicare recipients.
Polls show that seniors are more skeptical of the health care law than younger people because Medicare cuts provide much of the financing to expand coverage for the uninsured.
Medicare says the national ad is not political, but part of its outreach to educate seniors about new benefits available next year. Griffith is 84.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Arms!

Gather your 2nd Amendment Rights, it's almost time for the 2nd American Revolution. The link below is to an article in Investors Business Daily:

This is not as far-out as it sounds. If Obama doesn't stop his socialization of America, citizens will be knocking at his door along with friends like Horace Smith & Daniel Wesson. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Rid Of These Liberal Judges!

This is pure politically correct BS! 

Judge Blocks Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law

AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writers
PHOENIX (AP) ― A federal judge dealt a serious rebuke to Arizona's immigration law on Wednesday when she put most of the crackdown on hold just hours before it was to take effect.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton sets up a lengthy legal battle as Arizona fights to enact the nation's toughest-in-the-nation law. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer said the state likely appeal the ruling and seek to get the judge's order overturned.

But for now, opponents of the law have prevailed: The provisions that angered opponents will not take effect, including sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.

The judge also delayed parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, the judge blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.

"Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," Bolton, a Clinton appointee, said in her decision. 

It's time for a nationally issue I.D. card that replaces state driver licenses. It can be coordinated with all states and identifies drivers as either U.S. citizens or those who have an international license and the corresponding country identifier. Anyone stopped for a violation has to present a valid driver license and if a national card is used it doesn't make any difference where you are...if you're stopped for a violation and have no I.D., or it states you're a resident of a foreign country the police don't have to ask or try to decide if you're here illegally.

Signed: Eustace, TWC

Obamanomics For Dummies

Obama: wake up and smell the economy! Everything you're doing to 'help' the economy is destroying it. You're ruining individuals (your voting base) as well as businesses, especially small business. My wife works for a very small company which is waiting to see how taxes and the new 'Healthscare' Plan will impact it. Almost any change will most certainly impact this woman-owned company, possibly putting it out of business.

This edition of Economics FOR Dummies is a must-read for you. It explains the basics, such as:
  •  How economics affect governments (in your case, adversely), international relations (you're already screwing us domestically), business (quickly disappearing breed), and even environmental issues like global warming and endangered species (you'll need Al for this)
  • How and why international trade is good for you even if you don’t appreciate French champagne, Irish crystal, or Swiss watches give a damn about your own country

  • How the government fights recessions (or gets us into one) and unemployment using monetary and fiscal policy (according to you, the unemployed help spur economic growth...good one!)

    Please read this, or something other than what your lackies are handing you. Best of all, pay attention to the 56% of Americans who DISAGREE WITH THE WAY YOU'RE GOVERNING REIGNING.
    The red comments in parentheses are my astute observations.
    Signed: TWC

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NRA Sellout

NRA: I'm extremely disappointed in your support of Harry Reid. It appears the only reason you did this is because of his support in building the massive NRA training range in Nevada. I never thought the NRA would sell out so easily. I AM and NRA member, but as I did with AARP, if you don't start paying attention to your 'constituents' like me, I will pull my membership.
I understand that you support politicians based on their voting record, but as I told someone recently, I don't support or reject a politician on a single issue. I don't believe in abortion, but I wouldn't think of not voting for one who believes in a woman's right to choose if his/her overall Conservative values reflect mine. If we all did that, no one would be elected to office. Just because one liberal scum bag voted in favor of your agenda is no reason to support him. Everything else he stands for 'flies in the face' of what America is all about. The only reason Reid is supporting the NRA is to get reelected; he'll turn on you if he does get back into office.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Scrap Obamacare

Obama is a liar:

Vote all the liberals and RINO Republicans out in November of this year and 2012.

Paul McCartney Sucks

I grew up with the Beatles and I still love to listen to their 60s hits. I collected 45s and 33-1/3 records of theirs and miss the magical feel of 1964-1966 especially. But my God, half the Beatles are dead and of the other half, Paul McCartney is brain dead, can't sing and needs to lose the toupe. 


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Def: Geithnerea- a disease of the financial organ of the U. S. economy, caused by lack of knowledge in protecting it against social diseases caused by unprotected checks (and balances).

Who let this clueless weasel into the administration (as if we didn't know)? Tim Geithner has to be the dumbest Treasury Secretary ever! What makes him think that letting the current tax breaks expire at the end of this year won't hurt, or make a negative impact on the economy?

Osama Obama has surrounded himself with sycophants and has lost complete touch with what Americans want or expect from their leaders.

This year and in 2012, people need to vote like it's 1776 and oust these clueless bas - - rds! This is worse than what England wanted to do to us 234 years ago. Americans have gotten used to the government taking care of them; that's not what government is for.

Geithner: take the pen out of your mouth and shove it up your a - -!

Two Great (Inexpensive) Wines

We found two great wines recently, one red & one white. The red one we defied state laws and crossed into Delaware to purchase, the other we got legally and paid our PA taxes for.

Canyon Oaks (California) Merlot 2008: purchased at Total Wines for about $5.99

Excellent with the obvious: beef, cheese.

Rosenblum (California) Chardonnay 2008: purchased at PA Wine & Spirits for $8.99. We saw the same one at Total Wines for $10.99.

Went really well with the garlic/lime shrimp recipe we had tonight.

Both of these were picked out by my wife (Vicki) to whom I owe my undying grape-itude.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Blame Game

For those 60s era readers out there, here's a new twist on the song "The Name Game":

The Blame Game!

Obama, Bama bo Bama Bonana fanna fo Fama
Fee fy mo Mama, Obama!

Biden, Biden bo Biden Bonana fanna fo Fiden
Fee fy mo Miden, Biden!

Come on everybody!
I say now let's put some blame
I betcha I can place a blame on George Bush's game
The first few year of my reign, I treat it like it wasn't there
But a B(ush) or a C(heney) or an R(ove) will appear
And then I say 'bla' add a 'me', then I say 'blame' and Bush Cheney and Rove
And then I put the blame again on everybody but me
and a tax, a spend and a 'Joe'
And then I put the blame AGAIN on The Tea Party this time
and there isn't any blame that I can't rhyme

Nancy bo Bancy Bonana fanna fo Fancy
Fee fy mo Mancy, Nancy!

But if the first two reports don't ever blame Bush,
I drop them both and say the blame's on his tush.
Bush, Bush drop the B's Bo-ush
For Fidel, Fidel drop the F's Fo-idel
For Marx, Marx drop the M's Mo-arx
That's the only rule, this administration's contrary.

Okay? Now say Gibbs: Go
Now Gibbs with a B: Bibbs
Then Bonana fanna fo: bonana fanna fo
Then you say the name again with an F very plain: Fibbs (you got that right!)
Then a fee fy and a mo: fee fy mo
Then you say the name again with an M this time: Mibbs
And there isn't any jerk that you can't rhyme

Every body do Gibbs!

Gibbs, Gibbs, bo Bibbs, bonana fanna fo Fibbs
Fee fy fo fibbs, Gibbs

Pretty good, let's do Reed!
Very good, let's do Rom!
A little hell with Michelle!
The Bla-a-a-me Game

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

The NAACP is an organization with far more racists and bigots than the Tea Party will ever have. Just to name a few:
  • Al Sharpton
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Khalid Muhammad (member of The Nation of Islam)
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright
The NAACP is too far to the right for this piece of scum, but he deserves to be fingered for his racism:
And finally a comment by the new director of the NAACP from an interview with Keith Olbermann:

....Benjamin Todd Jealous: You know, we got death threats at our office in, uh, Los Angeles today. And, you know, if there aren't violent racists in the tea party then why are people calling threatening to kill us for speaking out about violent racists in the tea party?
Keith Olbermann: I don't mean to laugh, but it does sort of prove your point, uh, rather self evidently....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go Gibbs!

Perhaps the most intelligent thing that has come out of Robert Gibbs' mouth:





Fox News House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticizes White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs over a comment that Republicans could gain control of the House following midterm elections.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

At the Fort Hood Memorial Service...

I'm sorry folks, but is this the turkey who was elected President of our country? You know, The United States of America? I do believe that saluting the flag goes with that, and also to honor the servicemen and servicewomen who died while protecting us...or is he above that?

Shower us with flowery words and dazzle us with B.S., but actions speak louder than words.

I'm especially surprised that he allowed 'Himself' to be photographed with the U.S. flag behind him.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Put Michael Nutter on I.C.E.

Another politician serving his own self interest: securing his voting base by openly disobeying the law.

Mayor Michael (Nutcase) Nutter wants Philadelphia to join the ranks of becoming a sanctuary city. He seeks to prevent I.C.E. from having access to arrest records of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to allow agents to do their job: enforce immigration laws.

Not only should politicians not be allowed to interfere with the agents, they should be arrested for their actions in blocking them. In the case of Philadelphia, I'm sure not all the residents are in favor of this (sanctuary city status) and should gather the courage to take a stand against Mayor Nutcase by filing a class-action suit to stop him in his tracks.

The only time sanctuary should come into play is if a government is unlawfully persecuting a person(s), and these criminals (illegals) aren't being persecuted; the need to  be 'escorted' from the country for bypassing the system and breaking the law.

I don't understand why those who've followed the laws to enter the U.S. and become citizens aren't outraged that their former countrymen are circumventing the system and pushing their way in. I'd be downright pissed if I had to go through the waiting period and classes just to have some criminal granted amnesty without even being able to read or speak English, much less understand the laws and history of the country. And let's be clear, I'm primarily talking about Mexicans.

When I was in college in the 60s, there was talk that Mexico would one day start taking back the country they were chased out of. At the time it was just California, which as far as I'm concerned, they can have; it will be the entire United States if they have their way and "We The People" will be the minority.

The "I.C.E." reference above will direct you to the "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement" website.

As always, this 'whine' doesn't mean much to those who agree with it. Please pass it on to the idiots people & politicians who either don't care about the illegal immigration issue or are in favor of it.

Friday, June 25, 2010


What a difference a (real) president makes. Take a look at this YouTube video sent to me by my wife and see how things should be. Semper Fi!

Click on the link below (George vs Barack).

George vs Barack (Barry)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And Now For a Little Illegal Immigrant Humor...

The United States Border Patrol is asking citizens to keep on the lookout for a red 1951 Chevy that they suspect is being used to smuggle illegal immigrants across the border from Mexico and into points along the U.S. border. If you see the vehicle pictured below and have reason to believe that it is the suspect vehicle, you are urged to contact your local police department or the U. S. Border Patrol.

General McChrystal

I don't agree with what General McChrystal reportedly said in a Rolling Stone magazine article and I can understand the loyalty needed in the military, especially from someone  leading the fight on a war front. However, what should, but probably won't happen is Obama should dress the general down for his obvious misconduct, then reject his resignation and let him resume his important duties. There may very well be someone who can assume his duties, but unless this 'someone' has been shadowing General McChrystal and understands the situation as well as him, replacing him now would be a disaster.

Obama is too proud and arrogant to take this route. There's a lot of talk that it will make him appear weak...duh, too late for that!