Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NRA Sellout

NRA: I'm extremely disappointed in your support of Harry Reid. It appears the only reason you did this is because of his support in building the massive NRA training range in Nevada. I never thought the NRA would sell out so easily. I AM and NRA member, but as I did with AARP, if you don't start paying attention to your 'constituents' like me, I will pull my membership.
I understand that you support politicians based on their voting record, but as I told someone recently, I don't support or reject a politician on a single issue. I don't believe in abortion, but I wouldn't think of not voting for one who believes in a woman's right to choose if his/her overall Conservative values reflect mine. If we all did that, no one would be elected to office. Just because one liberal scum bag voted in favor of your agenda is no reason to support him. Everything else he stands for 'flies in the face' of what America is all about. The only reason Reid is supporting the NRA is to get reelected; he'll turn on you if he does get back into office.

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