Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

The NAACP is an organization with far more racists and bigots than the Tea Party will ever have. Just to name a few:
  • Al Sharpton
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Khalid Muhammad (member of The Nation of Islam)
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright
The NAACP is too far to the right for this piece of scum, but he deserves to be fingered for his racism:
And finally a comment by the new director of the NAACP from an interview with Keith Olbermann:

....Benjamin Todd Jealous: You know, we got death threats at our office in, uh, Los Angeles today. And, you know, if there aren't violent racists in the tea party then why are people calling threatening to kill us for speaking out about violent racists in the tea party?
Keith Olbermann: I don't mean to laugh, but it does sort of prove your point, uh, rather self evidently....

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