Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obamanomics For Dummies

Obama: wake up and smell the economy! Everything you're doing to 'help' the economy is destroying it. You're ruining individuals (your voting base) as well as businesses, especially small business. My wife works for a very small company which is waiting to see how taxes and the new 'Healthscare' Plan will impact it. Almost any change will most certainly impact this woman-owned company, possibly putting it out of business.

This edition of Economics FOR Dummies is a must-read for you. It explains the basics, such as:
  •  How economics affect governments (in your case, adversely), international relations (you're already screwing us domestically), business (quickly disappearing breed), and even environmental issues like global warming and endangered species (you'll need Al for this)
  • How and why international trade is good for you even if you don’t appreciate French champagne, Irish crystal, or Swiss watches give a damn about your own country

  • How the government fights recessions (or gets us into one) and unemployment using monetary and fiscal policy (according to you, the unemployed help spur economic growth...good one!)

    Please read this, or something other than what your lackies are handing you. Best of all, pay attention to the 56% of Americans who DISAGREE WITH THE WAY YOU'RE GOVERNING REIGNING.
    The red comments in parentheses are my astute observations.
    Signed: TWC

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