Sunday, July 25, 2010


Def: Geithnerea- a disease of the financial organ of the U. S. economy, caused by lack of knowledge in protecting it against social diseases caused by unprotected checks (and balances).

Who let this clueless weasel into the administration (as if we didn't know)? Tim Geithner has to be the dumbest Treasury Secretary ever! What makes him think that letting the current tax breaks expire at the end of this year won't hurt, or make a negative impact on the economy?

Osama Obama has surrounded himself with sycophants and has lost complete touch with what Americans want or expect from their leaders.

This year and in 2012, people need to vote like it's 1776 and oust these clueless bas - - rds! This is worse than what England wanted to do to us 234 years ago. Americans have gotten used to the government taking care of them; that's not what government is for.

Geithner: take the pen out of your mouth and shove it up your a - -!

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