Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Rid Of These Liberal Judges!

This is pure politically correct BS! 

Judge Blocks Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law

AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writers
PHOENIX (AP) ― A federal judge dealt a serious rebuke to Arizona's immigration law on Wednesday when she put most of the crackdown on hold just hours before it was to take effect.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton sets up a lengthy legal battle as Arizona fights to enact the nation's toughest-in-the-nation law. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer said the state likely appeal the ruling and seek to get the judge's order overturned.

But for now, opponents of the law have prevailed: The provisions that angered opponents will not take effect, including sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.

The judge also delayed parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, the judge blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.

"Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," Bolton, a Clinton appointee, said in her decision. 

It's time for a nationally issue I.D. card that replaces state driver licenses. It can be coordinated with all states and identifies drivers as either U.S. citizens or those who have an international license and the corresponding country identifier. Anyone stopped for a violation has to present a valid driver license and if a national card is used it doesn't make any difference where you are...if you're stopped for a violation and have no I.D., or it states you're a resident of a foreign country the police don't have to ask or try to decide if you're here illegally.

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