Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Now is the day to really reflect on taxes and how much you're already being overtaxed. Barack Bin Obama is seriously considering  a VAT, Value Added Tax for increasing our revenue and decreasing the National Debt. I published an article a few months ago about this and reminded people at the time that VAT is not a replacement for income tax, IT'S IN ADDITION TO WHAT YOU'RE ALREADY PAYING!!!!  Besides that, your normal federal taxes will be going up with the passage of the bloated health care package AND you won't be seeing the benefits of that for another 4 years. You can expect to be paying close to 70% of your gross pay in taxes. I'd like to know what morons in this country think this is a good idea and good for the U.S. (besides those in the government who will not be sunject to all of this). If you know someone who really supports over-taxation, socialized medical care and trashing of the Constitution, ask them not so politely to move to Cuba or Venezuela. I hope the door on the way out not only hits them in the ass, but hits them so hard, that the bad taste in their mouths is the same S - -T (you guess what the word is) they're trying to force down our throats.

Whew! I feel (slightly) better. Time for a glass of wine before the tax on that is increased.

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