Thursday, April 29, 2010

Socialist Pig

What really troubles me about Obama is that he is too cowardly to just come out and admit he's a socialist. Instead, he's using the 'Trickle Down' method where everyone else associated with him in some manner is defining him as such. Al 'Not So' Sharpton has commented that if Obama's policies seem to reflect socialism and people knowingly voted for him, then he guesses he's a socialist and that's what the country wants. Obama himself has said "At some point I think you've made enough money"...I just heard it today. How much income is 'enough money'? Should we all shoot for Obama's cap of $5 million dollars (his personal income)? The statement was from a recent speech preceded and followed by related comments. It was not taken out of context because he went on to say that he wasn't so much saying a person couldn't make as much money as he or she wants, but should consider the economy and contribute toward its recovery. In other words, you all need to live beneath your means and not strive to make your life better unless you're willing to give the excess you make to the 'people'.

This man is a socialist and believes you should distribute your 'wealth' to others too lazy to better their own lives.

Why do these morons continue to support such a blatant anti-American?

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