Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama Is A Racist

I was listening to John Gibson on XM today and feel the need to offer an opinion on comments made by one of his callers. This black gentleman (and I use the term liberally) started on a rant about how all Republicans are racists. John asked him why he believes that and all he could say is "Well y'all know, they's all white. When you seen a black Republican?" Now...if I'm not mistaken, the statement this black moron just made is racist. He couldn't offer any concrete evidence or examples of racist remarks or actions except his ignorant comments that "They's alwus doin' racist stuff".

I'd like to bring up a great example of racism established by our current Commander-In-Chief Thief, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is reintroducing slavery in America by forcing people to be dependent on the government. He's forcing us to buy products (health care) from the government, thwarting the Constitution. He's stated that the Constitution is antiquated and needs to be changed. This 'Massa' is far more powerful and destructive than the slave drivers preceding the Civil War...Obama is enslaving The United States, including re-enslavement of his black brothers and sisters.

Democrats grew out of the Confederacy and are the originators of racism in America...they still are.

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