Monday, April 5, 2010

Hannity Book Signing

My wife and I went to a Sean Hannity 'Conservative Victory' book signing on Saturday in Exton, Pennsylvania. Since we got there more than 3 hours before his 2:30 arrival, we engaged people in conversations to see what brought them there. The crowd demographics were all over the in there early teens to people in their 80s. There was no way to profile anyone as being conservative by their appearance or age. We met a young couple who drove from Baltimore to see Sean. Both are in the Army National Guard and are thoroughly disgusted in the direction Obama is taking this country. Regardless, they are committed to defend the U.S. and follow whatever orders are given them. There was the young Cuban woman who was overjoyed at being in a country where she can voice her opinion without being persecuted. when Sean arrived, she ran to the front door, snapped a picture and and squealed with delight at having shaken his hand. Of course I have to mention the 2 ladies from Jeffersonville, PA: one was doing her best to 'recruit' passersby into being 'Hannitized' by waving her book as they drove past the line.

No one human is the saviour/messiah of us or our nation, especially Obama, but people like Sean Hannity bring hope that there will be change to our great country before 2012. Everyone needs to pressure their senators and congressional representatives into listening to the majority, not the liberal minority.

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