Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a Right-Wing Extremist and Proud of It!

I'm a right-wing extremist! I'm an extremist in both the literal sense and the virtual sense

  1. I'm extremely angry that the Constitution is being trashed.
  2. I'm extremely angry that the wishes of the majority of Americans are being ignored in forcing health care through (goes with number 1).
  3. I'm extremely upset that people who voted for Obama are suddenly seeing the light and disappointed in his performance. Personally, I think his performance, based on his campaign promises, is top-notch. This moron told everyone what he was going to do before he was elected and he's doing it.
  4. I'm extremely sad & frightened that the U. S. is sliding into socialism.
  5. I'm extremely angry that the 2nd Amendment is being challenged & threatened. Now is the time to support & enforce our rights to bear arms.
  6. I'm extremely angry that Obama surrounded himself with tax cheats such as Timothy Geithner, Raum Emmanuel and Tom Daschle. Maybe if he hadn't done this, he wouldn't be slamming us for tax hikes nearly as much.
  7. I'm extreme in wanting this socialist, world-butt-kissing, constitution-destroying left-wing extremist out of office, along with the rest of his thieves.
I said once before that no one should be surprised when violence occurs because of Obama policies. He's undercutting everything this country was founded on and has been the reason every other country has come to us for aid. The United States is generous beyond belief because its citizens have been treated (for the most part) with respect. The respect has ended, our dominance on the world stage is ending...2010 & 2012 are the years that the Obama regime needs to end.

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