Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Almost Time For A Revolution

The time is getting close when free-thinking Americans need to make a decision that they've had enough mandates forced on them by the Obama Administration. While I hope that means this can be done by peaceful and legislative means, my feeling is that the furor will rise so high there will be active, physical revolt. One way or the other the majority of Americans cannot and will not accept the overt socialist policies already in place and the ones to come.

One of the biggest revolts will be coming up this year when it's time to rid ourselves of the zombies who voted for the health care reform bill; the next will be 2 years from now when we get rid of The Wizard of Odds. Whatever it takes, we must not let the madness continue and the Toilet of Hope & Change needs to be flushed.

Now relax Obama internet watchdogs, I'm not suggesting that any person should be targeted physically, only that if it takes physical means such as shouting down these politicians who are obviously not listening to us and disrupting their town hall meetings, that's what we should do. Create havoc, but do it in an intelligent way so we don't look as stupid as them.

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