Monday, January 11, 2010

Indecision Will Bury Conservatives

So what do we do now? The Republicans can't seem to come together on a common theme and the Democrats are just stupid. My wife and I participated in the Washington, DC Tea Party, and there is talk of forming a "Tea Party". That would only divide the Conservatives and allow the Liberals to win again. The Republicans just need to focus on being conservative...not middle-of-the-road, trying to appease the lower lip-trembling weenie Democrats. Conservatives! Wake up and smell the manure Obama is spreading. He is not interested in making things better for you. He and his socialist friends only want you dependent on them so you will vote for them. Read your history and you'll find that leaders who want to change your basic freedoms have only their interests in mind and want to leave their mark so they'll be remembered in the history books. Remember Marx, Stalin, Hitler and Obama. They have, and will change your lives.

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