Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just what we need. Stupid intervention by the Catholic Church.
This is from an article in The Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform
"St. Vincent de Paul Voice of the Poor Action: Justice
for Immigrants – The Catholic Campaign for Immigration
Reform was started by the U.S. Conference of
Catholic Bishops in June 2005 for the purpose of educating
the Catholic Community about Church teaching
on migration and immigrants and to get legislation
passed to protect the rights of immigrants. We invite you
to visit the Justice for Immigrants website: www., to learn more about Catholic
Social Teachings that inform Christian attitudes towards
immigrants. On this website there are also many opportunities
to be an advocate for the important issue of immigration.
We suggest you browse the website first, then
follow the instructions to take action with our senators on
current legislation that will affect the lives of immigrants."

This is a post from the website named above. It's typical of the slant put on immigration by the Catholic Church. What they're talking about is legalizing illegal immigration:

"The so-called “illegals” are so not because they wish to defy the law; but, because the law does not provide them with any channels to regularize their status in our country – which needs their labor: they are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them."

Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando

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