Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Your Billfolds, Here Comes Your Hope & Change

Obama, Lieberman, Pelosi, Reed (AKA: Mr. Rogers) and the rest of you cowardly liberals: take notice! No matter what you think, the majority of Americans are NOT behind you on massive health care reform!!! If you jam it down our throats there will be an uprising, and probably not just a voter revolt. Be prepared for violent demonstrations. You can force your will only so far and for so long before there is a revolution either in the voting booth, on the streets or both.

  • Joe Lieberman: what a turncoat you turned out to be!

  • All the Democrats who 'caved' after being threatened by Obama: the end is near for you!

  • Obama: you may not care if you're only a one-term (P)resident, but I'll be surprised if you make it that long.

  • Pelosi: what a pathetic bimbo you are! The Botox has eaten a hole (or is it A-Hole?) completely through what little brain matter you have left!

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