Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama & His Healthcare Plan

I honestly think Obama doesn't have a plan to "pull the plug on Grandma" in his own mind. He has obviously not read the whole plan, however, and is letting his advisors pump him with misinformation. I'm sure he realizes this, but is so anxious to pass this historic legislation that he doesn't care that it will negatively impact most of the population, not help it. His promise that people with current private healthcare will be able to keep it even with his plan in place is true...until your employer decides that they do not want to fork out their own money and switches you to the government-run plan! Keep protesting, keep shouting out at Town Hall meetings, keep writing your representatives, but don't fall for the magic tricks the liberals are trying on you. Keep your eye on both hands, because while the right hand is offering concessions, the left hand is reaching into your pockets.

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