Monday, August 31, 2009

Emasculation of The Intelligence Community

As easy as it would be to throw out all kinds of nasty comments and names when it comes to the current administration's handling of terrorist interrogations, I really have nothing but pity. I would suspect they are just misguided, but I believe what's really going on is they are trying to deflect the public's attention from healthcare and the economy. It will backfire and in 2010 will emerge as a major realignment in the House and Senate.

God will judge these malcontents and socialist-trending imbeciles for what they are and will deal with them accordingly. If what the book The Shack says is true, however, they will be forgiven; I just can't bring myself to do that now when they are aiming to destroy a way of life that was established and maintained for more than 200 years. This clown (you know who I mean) is attempting to put an end to a free society in less than 4 years.

So much for no name-calling!

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