Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Hope al-Qaida Comes Knocking on Your Door

Dear Mr. (P)resident:

I hope al-Qaida comes knocking on your door in the middle of the night and you have no one to protect you! That's what is going to happen to America when you allow jerks like Eric Holder to run roughshod over the CIA. Following are some exerpts from The American Cause online:

"Eric Holder has named a special prosecutor to go after the "rough men" who, to keep us sleeping peacefully at night, went too far in frightening Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the engineer of the September massacres...

According to The Washington Times, which reviewed the newly declassified CIA documents, those interrogators 'produced life-saving intelligence that disrupted numerous terrorist plots.'
What were the "inhumane" techniques CIA interrogators used to uncover these plans for the mass murder of Americans?
'Interrogators lifted one detainee off the floor by his arms, while they were bound behind his back with a belt,' reports The Washington Post. 'Another interrogator used a stiff brush to clean a detainee, scrubbing so roughly that his legs were raw with abrasions. Another squeezed a detainee's neck at his carotid artery until he began to pass out.'

The CIA, we are told, used mock executions to frighten captives and threatened to kill KSM's children and rape his mother. Power drills were brandished in interrogation rooms.
Were any children killed? No. Was anyone's mother raped? No. Was the power drill used? No. Was anyone executed in front of a witness to make him talk? No. It was faked."

What do you want, a government that protects you and your fellow countrymen using reasonable interrogation methods that do no permanent physical or mental harm or one that bows to the U.N. and the rest of the world, leaving you in far greater danger at home and abroad?

Where is the liberal outrage when one of our soldiers is shot in the head, dragged through streets or beheaded? It's not outrage at terrorists (I'm sorry, enemy combatants) that's's shame for America and it's involvement in what they perceive as an illegal occupation of a foreign country.

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