Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Call up (or at least try) AARP and cancel your membership. If you are a senior, or technically so at the age 50 threshhold, AARP is not representing your interests. They have not come out to fully support Obamacare, but they are seriously considering it. The fact that they have not written it off completely, has a liberal slant on everything it supports and supported Obama during the last election was enough for me to cancel my membership. As I mentioned above, you can 'at least try'...that's what I had to do because after more than an hour on the phone my call was taken only to have the representative say their computers were down AND that she could not process my my cancellation with a verbal statement. I emailed a cancellation request and a few days later I received an email notifying me that it was time to renew my membership. The only thing the membership was good for was discounts on hotel rooms and auto rental. If anything, I will join ASA, American Seniors Association.

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