Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Man Has No Business Being President Of The U.S.

Obama had absolutely nothing to add to help solve the oil crisis in the Gulf Of Mexico. All he had to say was how America is not prepared to deal with crises of this magnitude and how the oil reserves America has constitute only 2% of the world's oil reserve. He spent the entire time stating we should be moving away from oil; we need to be concentrating on other energy resources (wind, solar, etc.). He focused on how we need to change our outlook on how we get alternate power, not on how the crisis at hand should be handled. He had no suggestions on helping clean up the oil, did not push for help in cleaning it up via skimmers we (the U.S.) already have or use of other equipment from other countries. No suspension of the Jones Act...nothing. And then he has the nerve to invoke God's name; I'm surprised Allah wasn't mentioned. All he said was we need to pray for help...YES WE NEED TO PRAY, BUT WE ALSO NEED TO GET RID OF THE FRICKIN' OIL!!! THIS GUY IS A COMPLETE MORON!!

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