Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oil Slick Over Washington

What a bunch of irresponsible goons we're stuck with in this administration, from Napolitano all the way up to Oil-bama! To wait 4 weeks before addressing the seriousness of the new Gulf War is beyond belief; but I forgot, date night, golf and having an old, out-of-tune 60s performer sing Michelle and bash a former president is more important.

The real leak is not in the Gulf Of Mexico, it's in the Whitehouse; our national security, financial dominance on the world stage, international credibility and our Constitution are being, or have been, quickly destroyed. This presidential punk is as bad as any 'southside of Chicago' gang member roaming the streets looking for unsuspecting victims. The United States of America is the victim that's being robbed, raped and murdered by a gang of Washington thugs and it's time to put a stop to it by arming itself with the most powerful weapon out there: your vote.

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