Thursday, March 18, 2010

Master Of Deception

After seeing the Brett Baier (Fox News) interview with Obama I'm waivering between drawing two different conclusions regarding Obama's knowledge of what's really happening:
  1. Obama has no idea what's in this bill. When Brett asked him about the 'special interest' inclusions that are still in it (the bill), Obama side-stepped the question by saying "It will all be laid out for everyone to see in the final draft." As usual, he paused and fumbled his words trying to make things up as he went along...he's very transparent (apparently the only transparency we will ever see besides the fact that he's a socialist) and is no good at ad-libbing.
  2. Obama knows exactly what's in it and is afraid if more details are leaked, his ratings will go down even more. The impression he's leaving is there are even more back room deals in there he doesn't want anyone to see before the bill is passed.
Whatever is going on, it's plain to see that Obama has dug his heels in and is willing to sacrifice America's future for his own legacy.

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