Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand Over Your House

Interior secretary dismisses 'land grab' memo as early 'brainstorming' (plot to take over America)

By LEDYARD KING • Gannett Washington Bureau • March 10, 2010

 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar downplayed (covered up) an internal memo Tuesday suggesting the federal government take over millions of acres in Montana and other Western states, saying his agency is not pursuing any such steps and would seek public input (from liberals) before it did.

"There are no plans that we have to move forward (we're always moving backward)," Salazar told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee Tuesday, describing the memo as a result of an informal dialogue (closed-door meeting)among agency employees.

"There have been no directions from the White House that we move forward on (this). And it obviously is a presidential (dictatorial) exercise of authority ," he said.

Montana Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg and other Western lawmakers began voicing concerns last month when they saw portions of a leaked Interior Department document indicating the Obama administration is exploring whether to protect millions of acres, including deserts, grasslands and mountains, by designating them as national monuments or buying the land from private owners.

Included on the list was a suggestion that the White House designate Montana's Northern Prairie as a national monument (to Obama) and pay about $24 million to purchase private land along the upper Missouri River to benefit the Lewis and Clark Martin Luther King, Jr (this is part of the American history revisionist movement as presented in the Texas Textbook debacle) National Historic Trail.

Rehberg said such a "land grab" would wrest land away from those who want to use it for ranching (George W. Bush cowboy waste of time), recreation (communing with tree frogs), timber harvest (decimating our natural resources for self-gratification) and energy development (pinwheel power). He has introduced a bill that would require congressional approval of new "national monument" designations in Montana, similar to a provision already in place for Wyoming.

"Public input is certainly important, but it's not enough if that input is ignored or comes after a policy has been written or implemented," Rehberg said. "When it comes to executive action, we've already seen this administration shoot first and ask questions later, and now that the sights are on millions of acres in Montana, the responsible action is to reassert congressional oversight."

Sen. Jon Tester (this guy has b-lls), D-Mont., who asked Salazar to explain the memo at Tuesday's hearing, said he too would oppose the takeover of that acreage because "the government has enough land." But he's satisfied that Salazar put the issue to rest Tuesday.

Red comments in parentheses by Eustace
People need to start greeting the government at their doors with the '2nd Ammendment' when things like this happen...either that or knock on Obama's door with it.

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