Saturday, October 17, 2009


A couple of good examples of modern-day cowards recently in the news, or at least the reliable news on Fox News Network:

1. The NFL leadership in it's treatment of Rush Limbaugh: through their unsubstantiated facts surrounding the NFL's denial of Rush's desire to buy in to the league because of his alledged racial prejudice. The ONLY comment that has been verified was the one concerning Donovan McNabb, and at the time it was made was true...he was overated and was being pushed as being a phenominal QB because he was black. All the rest of the 'nay-sayers' like 'Slick' Al Sharpton were just jumping on the 'Black Prejudice Bandwagon', one I think is prejudiced against whites.

2. The Democrats who literally snuck out the back door before they had to participate in a vote about the shenanigans of Countrywide Mortgage. They were caught on tape like criminals escaping a robbery.

Typical liberal crap!

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