Friday, October 2, 2009

The 70% Solution

More crap from the Obama zombies! This is an article from (The Center For Individual Freedom):

If you don't like the idea of government-run health care, then sit down and shut up. Barack Obama's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), prompted by Senator Max Baucus, actually imposed a gag order on private health insurance companies. Why? Because one of those insurance companies, Humana Inc., made the mistake of warning the American people that ObamaCare could result in drastic cuts to Medicare Advantage. In defending the egregious and draconian effort to muzzle their dissenters, Baucus barked: "Does the first amendment include lies?" But who's doing the lying? According to the New York Post, Baucus' ObamaCare 6.0 plan does indeed call for funds to be cut "from Medicare Advantage - a program that offers more choice than traditional Medicare - to help pay for the overall ObamaCare tab."

This means 70% of people currently on personal and Medicare-assisted programs will be the ones to suffer financially and physically from the efforts of Obama's Goon Squad to nationalize healthcare. That 70% is the nation's aging population, who under Obama's program would be the ones to receive the least care, yet have to pay for coverage.

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