Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Buy Anything At Dane Decor

I purchased a leather rocking chair at Dane Decor for $1200 in 1998 at the Downingtown, PA store. One of the arms attached to the chair back broke once in 2004 and again a few weeks ago. The chair was brought in for a technician to look at and after speaking with the store owner, Carl Hamilton, a few weeks later, was informed that the manufacturer was no longer in business and the part unavailable. I was told it would cost over $200 to have a metal bracket made. I picked the chair up without getting the repairs done because I didn't have the money for the repairs. The parts that bother me most about the whole experience are that the sales lady we first talked to about the cost and unavailability of parts merely shrugged her shoulders, Mr. Hamilton's same attitude about the situation by phone and his followup letter stating that we bought the chair on clearance with no refunds or exchanges. In a letter to him I stated I didn't want a new chair, only the repairs that I thought they should honor.

The customer service is awful and I wouldn't recommend buying anything at this store if you're interested in product support or quality.

Here is the link to Dane Decor and a photo of their location: 

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Carl Hamilton said...

I am the owner of Dane Decor. I need to remind Mr. James Umhofer that his leather rocking chair an ottoman was purchase from us as a clearance item. Furthermore, we are unlike any store we (or Mr. Umhofer) know of because we are proud to offer a free 25 year warranty against defects on our furniture. However, our ‘clearance items’ do not have any warranty for free service. I (and Mr. Umhofer) do not know of any furniture store in the world that will repair a ‘clearance’ item free.

In addition, our records show that we did repaired this 'clearance' rocking chair FREE in the past for Mr. Umhofer without question of how it broke. I believe, we have given Mr. Umhofer and all our customers’ outstanding service over the past 37 years of being in business. Today, I think ‘something is rotten in Denmark’, when a consumer expects free service on ‘clearance’ merchandise purchased 12 years ago.

I kindly ask any and all consumers that have been happy or sad with Dane D├ęcor merchandise or service to tell us the good and the bad. With this information we can make changes and improve.

Carl Hamilton, Owner Dane Decor