Saturday, May 15, 2010

White Smoke Seen Coming From Chimney Over the Senate

There's a new American (?) Pope!

There was white smoke over the Sistine Chapel Senate the other day.
Nancy Pelosi suddenly became a bible thumper and is preaching to the Catholic church. She says the pulpit should be used to preach amnesty for all illegal aliens. What happened to the liberal stance on 'Separation of Church & State' they always tout when conservatives address religious the way, the Constitution has no wording stating "Separation of Church & State". It essentially says the government cannot establish a religion.

Keep it up, Mitre Head! When Obama tries to force amnesty through, and the rest of the Senate, Congress and American people don't back it, that will provide even more nails in the 2012 Obama (and your) coffin.

The following link is her ignorant speech telling Catholic churches of the need to preach 'Immigration Reform", also know as Amnesty. This is all for the hope that all these criminals will vote for liberals in the upcoming elections.

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