Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Nancy

Open letter to Nancy Pelosi:

You propose, in your version of the health care demolition and reconstruction, that coverage will be mandatory and those who do not participate will be fined and/or jailed. So then the government will be spending approximately $50,000 to prosecute each case; along with the losses involved in non-participation you will be adding the $50K court costs, throw them in jail and end up paying for their health care while they are in prison (probably another $20,000 per year). Now we're up to $70,000+, which I'm sure you will happily pass along to the other suckers who are forced to be in some version of your plan.

In the unlikely event this pile of crap passes successfully in the Senate, and a member of your Health Gestapo shows up to 'entice' me into voluntarily joining this economy-busting socialist program, you'll probably be greeted by two of my best friends-in-residence: Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson. They will be happy to explain why I don't plan on attending your party and escort you from the premises.

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